Strava and Oura Partner to Enhance Activity Tracking


Oura and Strava are partnering to enhance comprehensive activity tracking.

Teaming up. Oura’s 1M ring bearers will join Strava’s 100M social athletes, sharing data between platforms with the click of a button.

Oura users have the option to share their ring’s activity data on their Strava feeds, and every logged Strava workout will reflect Oura’s daily Readiness and Activity Scores.

On the other side, the sharing will also ensure Strava-tracked workouts sync with the Oura dashboard, even if they’re not wearing the ring during an activity like swimming.

What it means: Appearing on the Fitt Insider Podcast, Strava CEO Michael Horvath said the company aspires to be a connected wellness hub, aggregating insights from a wide range of health wearables.

Beyond exercise modality or miles logged, as metrics like stress, sleep, and period tracking become widely available, Strava can integrate more data to “help athletes make sense of their health.”

Tapping into its community, Horvath also said device makers serve to benefit from Strava’s highly engaged network. Likewise, enlisting Oura, Strava users have yet another reason to open the app — and even more data to share on their feed.

Looking ahead: Strava’s “Athlete HealthKit” is taking shape, paving the way for “social wearables.” As more companies explore greater interoperability, our biometrics will mingle with our music choices, shared media, crypto wallets, and more.

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