Strava Tops 100M Registered Athletes

Strava surpassed 100M registered users and 7B all-time activity uploads.

Riding High

As outdoor activities and endurance sports boomed during the pandemic, Strava doubled in size, adding 50M users over two years.

As we detailed in Issue No. 158, the athlete social network has evolved since its inception in 2009. Initially intended for serious cyclists and runners, Strava has become the go-to platform for amateurs and pros alike.

Or, as Strava co-founder and executive chairman Mark Gainey put it on the Fitt Insider Podcast:

“We are focused on what we call our invested athlete — the person who’s decided sports and fitness are going to be an important part of their life. We want to support them in their journey, whether they’re attempting their first 5K or going for an Olympic gold medal.”

By introducing new features and prioritizing subscription revenue, Strava reached profitability in 2020. Around the same time, the company raised $110M in funding at a valuation north of $1B.

Scaling up. In addition to record user growth, Strava counts athletes from every country on Earth, who upload more than 40M activities each week.

Be on the lookout. On an upcoming episode of the Fitt Insider Podcast, Strava CEO Michael Horvath stops by to discuss the company’s acquisition of Recover Athletics, the growing opportunity in trail sports, and its plans for more storytelling initiatives like its Tour de France partnership.

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