Wahoo Acquired Virtual Training Platform RGT Cycling

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo, a cycling technology company, acquired virtual training platform RGT Cycling.

Bundling endurance tech hardware and software, Wahoo is doubling down subscription content.

Getting in Gear

Known for its indoor bike trainers and smart accessories, Wahoo has been busy building a vast ecosystem for endurance enthusiasts.

  • In 2019, Wahoo acquired The Sufferfest, an immersive, video-based training app, renaming it SYSTM.
  • In 2020, the company launched its ELEMNT Rival smartwatch, a companion to its bike computer of the same name, targeting triathletes.
  • Earlier this April, Ironman Group named Wahoo its enterprise-wide connected training partner.

Now, Wahoo has come for RGT Cycling. A Zwift competitor, RGT’s virtual training platform has gained acceptance in the cycling community since launching in late 2019.

Notably, it was RGT, not Zwift, that USA Cycling tapped for the Esports National Championship in February.

Wahoo RGT. The platform, rebranded for Wahoo, claims a game development engine with realistic drafting, cornering, and braking. Leaning into the social element, users can participate in public events against athletes around the world, as well as schedule group rides and races with friends.

Wahoo X. Connecting its entire ecosystem under one subscription (and one log-in), Wahoo X enables access to Wahoo RGT, video content from SYSTM, and all connected devices under the Wahoo umbrella. RGT users will continue to pay $9.99/mo. until September, when it’ll rise to the going rate of $14.99/mo.

Head to Head

If it wasn’t clear before, there’s no denying it now: Wahoo is coming for Zwift.

Expanding its virtual cycling empire, Zwift opted for in-house development and vertical integration to bring its connected bike to market.

Meanwhile, Wahoo has acquired or integrated the necessary pieces for assembling its ecosystem. Wanting to play nice, Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia says the company won’t burn any bridges:

“We’re committed to ensuring that our expanded offering of comprehensive training and virtual cycling software remains open and compatible with key industry players and standards.”

Takeaway: From serious cyclists to casual riders, the endurance economy is booming. Taking lessons learned from connected fitness, as well as proof points from Zwift’s rise, Wahoo reoriented its business around a subscription hardware x content bundle. With the addition of RGT, Wahoo’s ecosystem, and user base, are shaping up.

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