Withings Launches New Smart Scale with Coaching Service


Withings is connecting the dots between healthcare and holistic well-being.

The latest: The French healthtech company expanded its ecosystem, bundling a smart scale and subscription coaching service.

What it is: The Body Comp connected scale measures proportions of muscle, fat, and bone mass, water %, and weight — as well as more clinical metrics like visceral fat, cardiovascular health, and nerve health.

Paired with its new Health+ service, Withings will use personalized data from the scale to prescribe habit-forming fitness and nutrition modules that spur lifestyle changes.

Behind the scenes: Health+ builds on the company’s acquisition of digital fitness platform 8fit, enabling activity, sleep, stress management, and nutrition recommendations. The service also creates weekly reports users can share with doctors.

Notably, it’s only available through purchase of the scale (for now). Enhancing its ecosystem while navigating regulatory hoops that Big Tech has skirted, Withings hopes to appease both fitness seekers and doctors alike.

Takeaway: Linking next-gen hardware with a monthly subscription, Withings hopes to translate personalized data into better health outcomes and scalable revenue.

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