Alo Announces Mixed Reality Wellness App


Alo Moves is headed to the Metaverse.

New world. Partnering with VR content studio Magnopus, the athleisure brand will debut a mixed reality version of its exercise app for Meta Quest 3 later this year.

Combining photorealistic instructors and zen-inducing 3D environments, mindful movement and meditation classes will range from five to 24 minutes.

No stranger to Web3, Alo launched an immersive wellness sanctuary on Roblox in 2022, offers virtual shopping on Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro, accepts crypto, and has dabbled in NFTs.

Glitch. Struggling to go mainstream, VR headset sales dropped 24% in 2023, with uncomfortable hardware turning many off.

Still, studies suggest virtual workouts can be as effective as running, swimming, or other forms of cardio. As brands leverage the tech in new ways, consumers could come around.

  • Merging mindfulness and communal play, Headspace’s XR entry aims to engage teens.
  • Riding a $20M Series A, StatusPRO wants to revolutionize sports training and gaming.
  • Evolving fitness, Litesport, FitXR, and Les Mills have all made mixed reality plays.
  • Trading headsets for holograms, Saga designed goggle-free immersive cycling.

Targeting clinical use, Apple Vision Pro is pitched as a transformative tool for medical training, surgical planning, mental health treatment, and more.

Looking ahead: As equipment shrinks and content expands, VR fitness and wellness could make healthy living fun for new audiences — masking exercise with high-quality entertainment.

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