Consumers Can’t Put a Price on Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness

Consumers want to be proactive about their health — no matter the cost.

Hyper Wellness State of Mind

Restore Hyper Wellness, operator of 125+ wellness and recovery studios, partnered with Wakefield Research to understand the underlying shifts in America’s blurring definition of wellness.

In an effort to look and feel their best, consumers are exploring new modalities, from IV drips to sauna sessions and cryotherapy. A step further, as consumers put a greater emphasis on well-being, wellness and preventative health services are becoming one and the same.

As a result, holistic health studios and membership clubs, including Restore, Pause, Remedy Place, and others are scaling up. But, it’s still unclear if their esoteric treatments stack up to the age-defying, immune-boosting claims.

Cashing In

Citing a gap of 15 years between US lifespan (how long you live) and healthspan (how long you live in good health), the study suggests younger generations’ desire to live their best lives is recession-proof.

By the numbers:

  • 76% frequently experience negative physical or mental symptoms like stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.
  • 54% report that preventative health efforts are part of their routines, and 25% say they couldn’t go a week without them.
  • 62% of people surveyed would curb spending elsewhere before cutting back on preventative health and wellness activities.

Between the lines: Encompassing aspects of mental health, physical recovery, and emotional support, the modern-day definition of wellness is largely driven by younger generations, but it cascades down through the years, with 41% of millennials, 39% of Gen Z, and 37% of Gen Xers viewing “hyper wellness” as essential to their routines.

Looking ahead: Between products and services, memberships and apps, Americans currently spend an estimated $450B on wellness per year. As holistic, proactive well-being becomes priceless for consumers, the market will continue to broaden.

Breaking down the business of fitness and wellness

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