Energy, Hydration, Creatine Supplements See Sales Surge


Demand for functional nutrition is here to stay, and supplements are no exception.

What’s happening: According to a Vitamin Shoppe report, the pandemic pushed 59% of Americans to adopt a more proactive approach to health, sparking an ongoing surge in supplement sales:

  • Sport and energy drinks, now a $12B market, were up 12% in 2023.
  • Hydration products gained 68%, after 168% growth in 2022.
  • Creatine sales skyrocketed 120% YoY.

Why it matters: An alternative to sick care, consumers are actively seeking holistic wellness products to enhance active lifestyles.

And, as more people pursue fitness to feel good, not just look good, sports nutrition is evolving to encompass whole-body health.

Taking note, the report cites an increase in the number of protein and pre-workout brands branching into products like greens powders, brain nootropics, and multivitamins.

#Functional. Also a factor, influencers are spreading the gospel on social media, introducing time-tested supplements to unexpected demographics.

The Vitamin Shoppe credits creatine’s explosion to women sharing its menopause-related benefits on TikTok. Similarly, magnesium saw a 12% increase after going viral as an OTC sleep aid.

Meanwhile, energy drink sales were fueled by young consumers supporting celebrity brands like influencer Logan Paul’s PRIME and rapper Jack Harlow’s L-theanine-infused PHOCUS.

Takeaway: Diet and exercise are foundational, but the search for extra support in the form of pills, drinks, and powders will never cease. And, thanks to functional upgrades, fresh branding, and social media — even the oldest supplements are finding new life.

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