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Essential Reading: 12 Key Trends Worth Revisiting

Every Tuesday, we publish a newsletter exploring the trends impacting the business of fitness and wellness. We also release a weekly podcast featuring interviews with industry-leading founders, investors, and CEOs.

If you’re new to Fitt Insider or just want to revisit key topics, here’s some essential reading from more than 130 editions of the newsletter.

What’s Trending in 2021

A year unlike any other, 2020 changed everything.

Taking stock of the challenges and opportunities ahead, to kick off 2021, we laid out the trends that will define the future of fitness and wellness — many of which have already played out.

The High-Performance Lifestyle

Combining physical health, mental health, and technology, the high-performance lifestyle (HPL) has taken hold.

From wearables and wellness apps to personalized nutrition and at-home gym equipment, the HPL aims to optimize every aspect of our lives.

The Rise of the Fitness Creator

Like filmmakers on YouTube and writers on Substack, fitness professionals are going solo.

As consumer habits shift and new digital tools emerge, the rise of the fitness creator could be more disruptive to the industry than Peloton.

WFH Wellness

Nothing new, workplace wellness programs have become a staple of corporate America.

But, at a time when both the workplace and wellness are being redefined, we’re left wondering: What does employee well-being look like in a work-from-home world?

Unbundling the Gym

Accelerated by the pandemic, the gym is being unbundled.

The result? Gyms and studios will no longer be the hub of a fitness seeker’s universe. Instead, they’ll be a spoke in the exercise ecosystem, giving way to a new kind of fitness bundle.

Investor Insights Vol. I & II

Investor interviews are a mainstay of the Fitt Insider podcast. Every so often, we revisit past episodes, turning isolated conversations into actionable insights.

Issues No. 106 and No. 124 featured the best takeaways from interviews with top venture capitalists, investment bankers, and private equity investors.

The Quantified Athlete

Technology is transforming sports, ushering in a new era of the quantified athlete.

From injury prevention and in-game insights to fan engagement and sports betting, data is a performance-enhancer, source of entertainment, and emerging revenue stream.

Fitness is Failing Us

Shut in and staring at screens, America’s sedentary ways worsened over the last year.

As the economy reopens, promoting physical activity, not exercise or fitness, should be a top priority.

What is Community Anyway?

Community is easy to say, hard to define, and even more difficult to build.

When assembling in real life was restricted, the rallying cry of boutique studios and exercising in person lost its edge. It’s worth exploring the meaning of community in a virtual world.

The Athlete VC

Pro athletes are investing in startups, and companies like Hyperice, Tonal, and WHOOP are running the athlete-as-investor playbook to perfection.

More interesting? Fitness influencers and celebrity instructors could become investors and co-founders in their own right.

Apple Enters Fitness

Armed with deep pockets and walled gardens, Big Tech wants a piece of the fitness pie.

For Apple, Fitness+ isn’t the end game; it’s a warning shot. As the balance of power shifts, the battle for content, talent, distribution, and users has only just begun.

Personalizing Nutrition

Ultra-processed foods are killing us. But nutrition advice is a mixed bag.

From optimizing health and preventing disease to weight management, personalized nutrition is a trillion-dollar industry in the making.

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