High-Performance Health: Viome and Signos Secure New Funding


Health optimization has arrived. More and more, at-home test kits and biosensing wearables are replacing trips to the doctor’s office.

The big picture: As this trend continues, high-performance health promises to redefine the future of well-being.

Zooming in: This week, Viome and Signos scored new funding, representing two pillars of the high-performance health movement.

Longevity. Viome Life Sciences raised $54M in Series C funding to diagnose and treat cancer and chronic disease. Best known for at-home diagnostic kits, Viome is doubling down on longevity to extend the healthy, human lifespan.

As we detailed in Issue No. 147, The Quest to Live Forever, experts predict more than $127B up for grabs — and entrepreneurs and investors are rolling up their sleeves.

  • David Sinclair and Peter Attia, both giants in the aging space, will be co-chairing a $200M biotech SPAC, Frontier Acquisition Corp., to acquire promising longevity startups.
  • SENS Research Foundation recently received the largest cryptocurrency donation in history ($27M) to support R&D for aging therapies.
  • Google-backed Calico Labs renewed its $1B partnership with AbbVie to continue R&D efforts into the underlying biology of aging.
  • Altos Labs, a new anti-aging research company, recently launched with backing from the world’s wealthiest, including Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner.

Metabolic health. Signos secured $13M in a Series A funding round to scale up its glucose monitoring platform. Combining a continuous glucose monitor with an AI-powered app, Signos helps users determine what and when to eat for optimal health.

A topic we’ve covered extensively, glucose monitoring is going mainstream.

  • Biolinq secured $100M in funding to accelerate development of its wearable, noninvasive, glucose-monitoring patch.
  • Levels ($12M), GraphWare ($20.5M), Supersapiens ($13.5M), January AI ($8.8M), and Veri ($4M) have recently secured funding.
  • Apple has long been rumored to be adding glucose tracking to its smartwatch.

Zooming out: Be ready. From preventative MRIssmart toilets, breath- and saliva-based diagnostics, and ambient sensors, the next wave of high-performance health has already arrived.

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