Lumen Raises $62M for Metabolic Health Breathalyzer


Metabolic health startup Lumen is personalizing nutrition one breath at a time.

What’s happening: Lumen, makers of a handheld breathalyzer, secured $62M in a Series B round led by Pitango Venture Capital.

The device measures metabolic fuel usage in real-time, identifying whether the body is burning more carbohydrates or fat through respiratory exchange ratio (RER) — a “gold standard” test usually reserved for the clinical setting.

The Lumen app then translates that data into recommendations for nutrition and activity, helping users achieve greater metabolic flexibility.

Between the lines: 88% of Americans are considered metabolically unhealthy, with up to 37% suffering from metabolic syndrome, impacting risks of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

But, Lumen isn’t exclusively targeting those conditions. Founded by IRONMAN athletes, the company seeks to decode overall health, “hacking the metabolism” for weight loss and energy management.

Along those lines, a recent partnership with athlete-endorsed food service Metabolic Meals bolsters its performance ecosystem.

Metabolic Medicine

While critics discount the upside of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) for otherwise healthy people, emerging research is strengthening the link between metabolic health and overall well-being.

According to Lumen CEO Daniel Tal, countless benefits stem from optimizing the “engine of the body.”

“Understanding the impact of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress on your metabolism is key to reaching your health goals.”

Now, as new tech puts lab-quality tests in the hands of wellness-obsessed consumers, decoding the metabolism, and applying bespoke nutrition to improve it, is in.

  • In April, CGM-assisted metabolic health platform Levels raised $38M to expand internationally.
  • This summer, Ultrahuman launched a biometric smart ring that syncs with its CGM platform.
  • In July, NutriSense added $25M in funding to accelerate its glucose monitoring platform.
  • This November, women’s performance app Wild.AI partnered with Supersapiens, helping its users optimize energy levels during menstruation.

Looking ahead: From treating cancer to managing chronic illness to hitting a new PR, data-informed nutrition may be the future of fueling the body.

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