Supersapiens Cancels Memberships Amid “Restructuring”


Glucose tracking startups are searching for product-market fit.

The latest: Metabolic health platform Supersapiens terminated all existing memberships amid “strategic restructuring.”

Notifying users via email, the company also shared a cryptic announcement on social media.

Data-driven. Founded in 2019, Supersapiens launched as an energy management platform for athletes, using continuous glucose monitoring to optimize fueling.

In 2021, the company raised $13.5M and released a CGM-synced wrist wearable. After gaining traction with pro endurance athletes, it hit a speedbump when cycling’s governing body banned CGMs during competition.

Complicating matters, Supersapiens was unable to gain FDA approval, limiting availability to select European countries.

More recently, it planned to enter the US by refocusing on diabetes care, but a cash crunch appears to have prevented the move.

Highs and lows. Just 12% of Americans are metabolically fit  — making glucose tech valuable to many. But, selling CGMs to healthy consumers is complicated.

  • January AI evolved beyond CGMs, offering a device-free glucose-predicting app.
  • Valued at $300M, Levels pivoted its business model, cut staff, and launched blood testing while refining its approach.
  • Zeroing in on sustainable weight loss, Signos added $20M last year.

Looking ahead, the space is growing crowded as hardware makers Abbott and Dexcom debut DTC devices while tech giants like Apple pursue integrated glucose tracking.

Punchline: As Supersapiens searches for a path forward, upstarts are adamant — real-time data is key to solving the metabolic health crisis. But, the path to mainstream adoption may require a noninvasive tech breakthrough.

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