CES 2024 Spotlights Preventative Health Innovations


Quantified health was a key theme of CES 2024, with companies showcasing the future of tech-enabled disease prevention. 

Home as health hub. Amplifying self-health, AI bathroom mirrors from Baracoda and NuraLogix analyze facial expressions for daily mental health checkups. 

Bringing doctor’s visits home, the Withings ecosystem added a handheld “multiscope” with an ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer. 

Monitoring living spaces, metabolic health startup Ultrahuman unveiled Home, an environmental health platform assessing temperature, humidity, light exposure, and air quality.

Wearable labs. Medical-grade devices want to diagnose disease. Pison Ready measures cognitive agility, EVOLVE MVMT’s ankle strap offers gait training, and Mojawa’s hearables translate biometrics into real-time training cues.

The smart ring wars are intensifying, with Movano, Lotus, Amazfit, and YogiFi chasing Oura.

Consumer-friendly CGM. Glucose monitoring is expanding beyond diabetes patients.

Manufacturers Abbott and Dexcom both released mini insulin pump-compatible CGMs. Abbott also launched its consumer Lingo device in the UK, while Dexcom readies Stelo, its metabolic health-focused series. 

Sidestepping CGMs, January AI’s new app predicts glucose levels from food photos.

Takeaway: For better or worse, personal well-being—once left to intuition—now has a number value. But unless these innovations can collectively move the needle on public health, it’s inundation, not optimization.

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