Fount Raises $12M for Personalized Performance Optimization


Personalized protocols are replacing one-size-fits-all health recommendations.

What’s happening: Fount, a high-performance health platform, raised $12M in a Series A round. The company plans to scale its 1:1 training platform while also launching new products for improved sleep and women’s health.

What it is: Fount’s coaching platform focuses on structured self-experimentation to optimize health.

Using bloodwork, wearables data, and regular interviews, the coaches produce a holistic program of nutrition, exercise, light exposure, sleep, meditation, and more. This plan is then iterated over 12 to 14 cycles and tracked via repeat testing to find the ideal lifestyle conducive to peak health.

According to Fount COO Clayton Kim, unlike this approach, the majority of health optimization platforms are too myopic to be effective:

“The average adult will try about 126 different diets in their lifetime — and just as many different exercise routines, supplements, sleep hacks, mindfulness techniques, etc… The only real path to self-improvement is through experimentation and habit formation. So, we aim to be the meta-layer on top of all of these modalities.”

Hacking for all. While Fount’s Pro coaching service was developed and validated through founder Andrew Herr’s contracts with the US military, Fount’s firsthand research and integration of AI has led to standalone products.

Joining the brand’s first consumer app FlyKitt, a jetlag elimination platform used by CEOs and organizations like US Soccer, Fount will debut solutions for sleep optimization and PMS reduction in 2023.

It’s personal. Access to diagnostics and remote biometric monitoring have unlocked a new area of wellness — holistic solutions that address specific goals. And from boosting mood, energy, or longevity to managing strength, sleep, or stress, hyper-personalized performance platforms are scaling up:

  • Hintsa, a holistic performance coaching platform used by F1 drivers and Fortune 500 execs, raised $5.1M last summer to pursue workplace wellness.
  • Orreco, a data-informed athlete management platform, recently released FitrWoman, an app helping women adjust training around menstrual cycles.
  • Tally, InsideTracker, and COR use diagnostic tests, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle recommendations to improve healthspan and longevity.

Takeaway: While many of the platforms serve elite athletes and executives, Fount’s productization efforts signal that health optimization may become an achievable lifestyle for all.

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