Oura Tops 2.5M Rings Sold, Targets Women’s Health

Oura Ring

Oura may be reaching critical mass.

The latest: The wearable maker announced it has surpassed 2.5M ring sales, more than tripling its memberbase since 2021.

Of note, community evangelism is a catalyst, with ~50% of users referred by friends or family. Increasing access and adding fuel, the brand also launched in Target and on Amazon this year.

All-inclusive. CEO Tom Hale says Oura’s customer base is “not just biohackers or people seeking peak performance.”

From busy parents to marathon runners and chronically ill patients, the company has capitalized on widespread consumer interest in health and well-being — positioning itself as a foundational health device, rather than a tool for optimization.

Tinkering. Not resting on its first-mover advantage, Oura is innovating rapidly.

In the past year, it debuted new features for stress, resilience, heart health, and cycle tracking — plus launched its in-app R&D platform Labs.

Seeing demographics shift from primarily male to 59% female, the company says its commitment to women’s health is working, and it’s teaming with UC Berkeley on menopause research next.

Looking ahead: As Ultrahuman, Samsung, and Movano enter the ring, and Apple ramps up Watch’s wellness features, Oura aims to sell itself as the non-intimidating wearable for all — especially women.

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