Season Health, Territory Foods Partner on Food-as-Medicine Meals

Territory Foods

With deep distrust in both traditional healthcare and food systems, Americans are sick of feeling sick.

Now, food-as-medicine startups aim to reverse chronic illness, starting with those most in need.

The latest: Season Health, a startup helping health plans prescribe food as medicine, is committing $5M to open community kitchens in food-insecure neighborhoods.

In partnership with healthy meal delivery service Territory Foods, Season will help local entrepreneurs establish distribution points for pre-made, clinically approved meals.

Beyond the initiative, Season is kicking off a pilot study with 1K diabetes patients nationwide, offering coaching through its platform, a food stipend, meal delivery through Instacart, and free at-home blood testing.

Why it matters: No surprise, consistently eating poorly makes us sicker. Food as medicine—the prescribed eating of nutritionally dense foods—has massive potential in improving health outcomes. But, according to Deloitte, access remains a roadblock:

  • 48M+ US households have a member with a health condition that needs to be managed through diet.
  • Roughly 17M Americans live in food deserts.

Unfortunately, prescribing a “healthy diet” isn’t enough. While 75% strongly agree that eating the right food can be the best medicine, Americans’ food education is often skewed by unregulated marketing claims from Big Food.

  • 62% are confused about the healthfulness of specific foods because of misinformation.
  • Four in 10 consumers don’t clearly understand which fresh foods can act like medicine.

Looking ahead: While the White House updates federal guidance, many startups are taking  action to increase access.

  • Healthy fast-casual restaurant Everytable raised $55M, opening locations in food deserts with pricing set according to median income level for the zip code.
  • Swap Health, a platform connecting low-income individuals to nutritional therapy and access to fresh food, launched with funding from 25m Health.
  • Revero, WellTheory, and Vitract use precision nutrition to treat the root causes of autoimmune, chronic, and mental illnesses.
  • Sifter, which secured $5M in May, uses an app to help grocery store shoppers find the right healthy foods to manage their specific conditions.

Punchline: From personalized nutrition coaching to precision meal kits, fixing food is the next frontier for better health. But it only works if it’s available to everyone.

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