WHOOP and Hyperice Partner to Quantify Recovery


Two high-performance brands are linking up.

What’s happening: Wearable maker WHOOP is teaming with wellness tech brand Hyperice to explore the connection between recovery and overall health.

A two-way integration, WHOOP members can log massage gun or compression boot sessions utilizing Hyperice products, revealing the impact on biometrics.

Meanwhile, the Hyperice app will recommend recovery routines based on activity data in the WHOOP app.

Quantified performance. Trickling down from elite athletes to everyday exercisers, the quest to quantify performance has taken hold.

But, more than output alone, proper sleep, recovery, nutrition, and mental wellness are essential to holistic performance. A step further, new tech and synergistic partnerships hope to enable personalized protocols.

  • Oura teamed with Therabody to help members optimize sleep.
  • Hyperice acquired meditation trainer Core to quantify mindfulness.
  • Supersapiens uses CGM data to optimize energy management for endurance athletes.
  • Elo Health syncs performance data from Apple Watch to customize supplements and dosage.

Looking ahead: As Hyperice CEO Jim Huether put it, leveraging real-time feedback and insights into holistic health will “continue to push the wellness space forward.”

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