BetterUp Acquires AI Sleep Coach Crescent


For health and performance, better sleep is nonnegotiable.

What’s happening: BetterUp acquired Crescent, makers of a digital sleep coach.

Why it matters: Billed as a “human transformation company,” BetterUp provides virtual coaching to individuals and organizations. With the addition of Crescent’s sleep coach, the platform could push deeper into wellness, starting with shut-eye.

Founded in 2020, Crescent uses wearable data, AI, and human coaches to deliver personalized sleep routines. Joining forces with BetterUp, the company will integrate its tech into BetterUp’s behavior change experience.

Selling sleep. With 80% of adults wanting to improve slumber, the global market for sleep aids is massive, expected to top $585B by 2024.

Tapping innovative tech to enhance sleep, brands are cashing:

  • Oura’s smart ring leverages a unique form factor that focuses on sleep optimization and recently moved into chronotyping and circadian rhythm.
  • Smart mattress company Eight Sleep raised more than $160M to date and acquired sleep coaching platform Span Health last year.
  • After landing FDA clearance for its at-home sleep apnea diagnostic, Wesper raised $9.6M last year to deliver sleep medicine to the masses.

The list goes on… From Endel’s personalized sleepscapes and Somnox’s stress-relieving sleep robot to apps like Dawn Health, Deep, and Empower Sleep, there’s no shortage of brands combating our collective lack of rest.

Punchline: As the link between a good night’s sleep and overall health becomes more clear, individuals, employers, and the healthcare systems will be forced to rethink bedtime.

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