Oura Unveils Chronotyping to Optimize Sleep

Oura Ring

Oura can now tell whether you’re an early bird or night owl — and everything in between.

Clocking In

The Finnish smart ring company activated Body Clock, a sleep management module centered around the body’s unique circadian rhythm.

How it works: Using 90-day sleep, activity, and body temperature readings, Oura determines the users’ chronotype — the time of day the body is most biologically awake, alert, and active.

From early morning to late evening, the Body Clock features translates one of six chronotypes into personalized sleep schedules and wind-down recommendations

Why it matters: Adding new features and integrations to quantify recovery, get social, and prevent employee burnout, Oura is doubling down on the metric responsible for its rise to 1M ringbearers and a $2.55B valuation — sleep.

With sleep science at its core, Oura will eventually adapt its Body Clock algorithms to inform optimal times for movement, focus, and rest — plugging in new partners every step of the way.

Rings of Power

Oura’s pioneering form factor has proven to be a shallow moat. And other ring makers are moving in.

  • After acquiring Indian smart ring maker LazyCo last April, Ultrahuman integrated the ring with its process, feeding real-time biometrics into metabolic health insights.
  • Last August, Tinder founder Sean Rad raised $60M for a mental health-focused device called Happy Ring, using EDA sensors to read cortisol in sweat.
  • Movano launched a women’s health-focused ring called Evie, with noninvasive glucose sensors and FDA clearance for SpO2 and heart rate detection in the pipeline.

Elsewhere… Yet-to-launch Swiss smart ring maker Iris, which just closed CHF 623K ($671K) in crowdfunding, claims clinical-grade features for blood pressure, stress, and temperature.

Meanwhile, Big Tech companies want in on the ring market too. In February, Samsung filed a patent for Galaxy Ring—a device designed for “measuring health indicators and/or sleep”—while Apple’s 2022 filing indicates possible VR integration.

Looking ahead: As a first mover with a loyal customer base, Oura is still lord of the smart rings. But, with rivals replicating its once-unique form factor, connecting sleep to everyday life will help keep the wellness-obsessed wrapped around its finger.

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