InsideTracker, Oura Sync Up for Health Optimization


Oura and InsideTracker see integration as the future of well-being.

What’s happening: The health optimization platform announced it now syncs with smart ring maker Oura to enhance real-time health coaching.

InsideTracker’s algorithm will factor in Oura’s continuous physiological data—including sleep duration, sleep staging, and physical activity—alongside blood and DNA biomarkers to better personalize lifestyle-based healthspan recommendations, particularly around rest.

According to Dr. Renée Deehan, VP of science and AI at InsideTracker, sleep is a crucial component when approaching health holistically:

“For example, your sleep duration may indicate that you need to alter caffeine intake, or your deep sleep may demonstrate the benefits of a supplement.”

Integrated Healthtech

While Apple attempts to own every aspect of the health journey—from biometric sensors to insurance to health coaching—others see strategic partnerships and integrations as a lever for membership growth.

For InsideTracker, syncing wearable data to its platform fills a major gap in up-to-the-minute insight. Its tie-up with Oura marks its fourth hardware integration, following Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch.

And for wearable makers, access to specialized insights and applications only enhances the value of their memberships. Seeking interoperability, Garmin, Withings, and WHOOP offer an open API integration for third-party apps, with the latter launching a developer kit last year.

Meanwhile, Oura’s office has been like a revolving door for new health partners:

  • July 2022: The smart ring maker synced up with Strava on data sharing, including pairing readiness and activity scores with logged activities.
  • August 2022: Oura aligned with cycle tracking platform Natural Cycles to enhance its birth control and period prediction functions.
  • October 2022: Oura partnered with Therabody, sharing products, content, and data between the two wellness ecosystems.

On the programming side, Oura’s B2B business counts coaching service OWN IT and weight loss platform Noom as clients, and it just signed up with John Hancock’s Vitality gamified life insurance program. More surface-level, Oura also has collabs with Gucci and Equinox.

Punchline: While diving into a wealth of health data carries a potentially detrimental risk for a range of obsessive compulsions, personalized, holistic healthcare is only possible if people work together.

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