Longevity Clinics Land Funding, Push Expansion

Next Health

The fountain of youth is just around the block.

The news: Humanaut Health secured $8.7M in seed funding ahead of launching its first membership-based longevity clinic in Austin, Texas.

Setting a baseline with blood labs, body scans, and fitness tests, the clinic combines lifestyle medicine, hormone therapy, stem cell treatments, and 1:1 coaching to improve healthspan.

Local Concierge

Fueled by consumers who want to look and feel younger, the longevity market is set to reach $600B next year.

Leveraging distrust in traditional healthcare, optimization hubs are moving in.

  • Next Health and Relive are expanding health lab-meets-medspa franchises.
  • After raising $6.5M in ’22 and adding medical weight loss, Serotonin Centers has 100 clinics open or in development.
  • For in-house performance health optimization, gym chain Life Time launched MIORA.

Repackaging recovery, Restore Hyper Wellness’s 225+ locations offer protocols like NAD+ drips and cryotherapy, while Pause pairs peptide and contrast therapies.

Taking a different line, preventative health clinics like Forward, Prenuvo, Ezra, and Q Bio see full-body scans as the key to lasting well-being.

But… Longevity clinics aren’t meant to replace healthcare, and paying out-of-pocket can be pricey, as evidenced by Modern Age’s downfall. Meanwhile, hack culture deprioritizes natural boosters like exercise, sleep, and healthy eating.

Looking ahead: Longevity clinics are scaling faster than the science behind them. But, with healthy years waning for the majority of the population, they don’t have time to wait.

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